The Right Approach

To Superior Association Management Solutions

Throughout Protech’s history, we have seen a dramatic evolution of technology and association management solutions, especially when considering how associations interact with their members. Social networks like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are now consumed daily – they were nonexistent in the not-too-distant past. Just a decade ago, transactions between associations and their members required fax machines, plenty of paper, time and patience. 

The Microsoft Factor
Protech felt a change coming and realized that our clients would benefit most if we partnered with a technology leader. With the vision, passion and dedication that Microsoft invested in its technology innovation – specifically in its customer relationship management product – we realized this partner was the key to delivering powerful association management solutions. Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the association community was our strategic direction for growing our business, and more importantly, providing a long-term, predictable technology plan for associations like yours.

Protech’s Mission & Core Values
When building relationships with employees and customers, Protech is committed to delivering family-style service on an enterprise level. Protech team members each personify this philosophy to ensure the company’s core values endure as the business continues to grow. With this in mind, Protech devotes its efforts exclusively to developing technology for association management solutions. Working closely with every association to gain a deep understanding of their requirements, Protech has developed a powerful, world-class solution that meets the precise needs of member-based organizations.

Protech Expertise
Protech is devoted to delivering innovation and deep industry expertise to its members by continuously working toward higher certifications. In 2003, we became a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor and a Microsoft Partner with a Gold Competency in Customer Relationship Management. Protech’s software is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution, certifying that it has passed rigorous third-party testing for development quality and compatibility and has met Microsoft’s highest standard for partner-developed solutions.

Today, our focus remains the same as it was more than 30 years ago – solving membership management problems with our software and people, and helping associations effectively build and enhance their member relationships. Protech’s growth and our Microsoft partnership have empowered us to take our initiative a step further, delivering more than a technology product, but a long-term technology plan that meets your needs today and positions your association for continued success.
Bolster Your Association Management