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What They're Saying

“Protech’s customer service sets it apart and meets or exceeds expectations.”

~ Catherine James (CJ), Director of Marketing, International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)

“Protech has always been forward-looking which was especially evident when they decided before anyone else to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have been using their system for several years and are very happy.”

~ Tom Cox, VP of Finance, Administration and IT, Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA)

“We started working with Protech when they were a small family business. Even though they have grown over the years, their core values have stayed the same since day one.”

~ Mark Kuchar, CFO, Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois (IIAI)

Protech Team

Protech Associates, Inc. takes great pride in its family-style of doing business and its commitment to excellent customer relations and technical expertise. To keep this standard, our talented and experienced team of executives and technical engineers are ready to help your association maximize the potential of Protech’s Cloud Business Solutions to grow your business and deliver remarkable member experiences.

Executive Team:

Brian E. Bruffey, Chief Executive Officer

As Protech's Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Brian has been a leader among an elite group of individuals dedicated to serving member-based organizations. His unwavering passion for excellence and knowledge of the market has helped Protech develop a comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use solution for associations to deliver remarkable experiences to their members today and into the future.

For more than 25 years, Brian has helped drive the overall performance of the company, including high customer satisfaction and service, superior product quality, strong financial results and high employee retention. Brian ensures his team is aligned with a strategic vision that includes short-term and long-term goals which are established and communicated with clear priority and focus - Every Coach, Every Player, Every Day!

As a Microsoft Certified CRM Professional, Brian stays ahead of the dynamic association community and plays an active role in the continued advancement of association technology. Growing up in Silver Spring, Md., Brian received his bachelor of science in business management and a minor in human resource management from Towson University. One of the first books his father, and founder of Protech, Frank Bruffey, Jr., gave him to help jumpstart his professional career was the book, The Power of Little Words. With this guidance, his father instilled a high level of professionalism and drive for delivering excellent customer service in the company, which Brian continues to impart to his team at Protech to this day.

One of Brian’s greatest attributes is his punctuality and drive at the start of each day. Brian is known to show up an hour early to meetings. He feels that to start the day out right, you have to be prepared and ready to work hard. Brian’s favorite sayings empower his philosophy each day: “There’s no replacement for hard work—strategy without execution is hallucination—Plan for the best, prepare for the worst.”

When Brian is not busy at the office, he is spending time with his wife, three sons and two yellow labrador retrievers. Together they enjoy going to the beach, fishing and crabbing. In addition, Brian enjoys playing golf, working in the yard, and coaching and attending his sons’ sporting events. Even though Brian never became the professional football, basketball or baseball player that he dreamt of as a kid, Brian is an experienced team player and a lifelong, dedicated coach.

Frank S. Bruffey III, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer and Principal, Frank S. Bruffey III is also one of Protech’s founders, drawing upon over 30 years of experience working within the association industry. Frank is focused on developing business solutions that help associations serve their members most effectively with the use of Protech Cloud Business Solutions. Frank has extended that passion to developing innovative technologies that provide a personalized, interactive experience for association members. He is Protech’s key leader for the product vision, strategy and innovation from managing product development, supporting customer driven enhancements and integrations with Protech Cloud Business Solutions.

Growing up in Silver Spring, Md., Frank—known by some as FB3 (before RG3)—dreamt of pursuing a variety of occupations, including herpetologist, astronaut, and fighter pilot, among others. In the early 80’s at the University of Maryland, College Park, Frank found himself on the cutting edge of technology working on computers and enjoying it. This parlayed into helping his father with development tasks for his consulting practice, and eventually set the foundation for Frank to help launch Protech in 1984.

When he’s not at work, Frank enjoys a summer filled with riding motorcycles, grilling on the deck, working around the house, fishing, beer tasting, hanging out with his golden retriever Shelly, and travelling and going to the beach with his wife and three children.  When the weather turns cold, Frank enjoys reading books such as Game of Thrones and Master and Commander on his Kindle by the fireplace, playing video games, or watching his sons wrestle.

Living by the mantra, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Frank is not one to take the easy road. After building Protech from the ground up with his father, Frank successfully road his motorcycle through the Tail of the Dragon—a stretch of US Rt. 129 with 318 curves in 11 miles near Deals Gap, N.C. Frank channels this no fear attitude and his love for technology into his role as CTO to develop cutting-edge solutions for Protech’s customers.

Kevin Bruffey, Vice President, Customer Service

As Vice President of Customer Service and Principal, Kevin has dedicated over 20 years providing superior technical and customer services to associations and nonprofit organizations. Kevin leads the Protech Customer Service team of highly skilled professionals who support the diverse and ever-changing needs of Protech’s customers.

In this role, Kevin’s focus is to help customers maximize the value of their investment with Protech. He strives to make it easy and enjoyable to do business with Protech and build strong working relationships—as a partner, not a vendor—that help associations to effectively utilize the many technologies that drive each organization’s ability to serve its members.

Kevin is passionate about ensuring that Protech maintains not only satisfied and loyal customers, but also customer advocates. He has been instrumental in driving systems and process improvements to more effectively and efficiently deliver customer services. Kevin is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Professional for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

At an early age, Kevin held a strong interest in technology and had always been very comfortable with computers. But more notably, his father and siblings were already employed in the IT field, which led to his decision to join the Protech team. Kevin grew up with his family in Silver Spring, Md., and received his bachelor of science in business management from Towson University. Like his family, Kevin was very active in sports and even dreamt of becoming an NFL player.

When Kevin is not working in the office, you may find him with his wife, three children and his dog, Dewey. Kevin enjoys spending time outdoors golfing, exercising, cooking, working in the yard and coaching his children in youth sports. In fact, Kevin once took a 10-day bike trip around the big island of Hawaii. His bike excursion included camping on the beach, in national parks, lava fields, and a rainforest river bed, and eating wild fresh fruit and fish provided by locals. Kevin’s prides himself on his ability to build strong relationships with those around him. He loves making the exciting journey from initial meeting to seeing a customer of 20+ years at the annual user conference-- a true adventurer at heart.

Steve Janoskie, Vice President, Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Steve relies on a wealth of leadership experience to guide Protech’s team of certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Microsoft Dynamics Certified Solution Consultants. In over 10 years with Protech, Steve has lent his expertise to a range of project roles, from project and budget management to implementation consulting. Today, he is responsible for driving innovation to how Protech delivers Protech Cloud Business Solution. Steve is constantly focused on building on the expertise of the Protech Cloud Business Solutions implementation team members to position Protech customers for success.

A former business owner, Steve understands the critical importance of delivering projects to Protech clients according to defined objectives, on time and on budget. Steve continuously works with the management team to set long term plans and strategies for Protech, including policies and processes to ensure effective implementations. Steve is also a Microsoft Certified Professional for CRM.

Prior to joining Protech, Steve worked for eight years as a consultant for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) where he was responsible for the resource and budget management of the Crustal Dynamics Project research team. Growing up in Huntsville, Ala. and Warrenton, Va., Steve dreamt of becoming an astronaut. Steve received his bachelor of science with a dual major in chemistry and business administration from James Madison University.

When he’s not working with customers and leading Protech’s operations team, Steve puts his leadership skills to work to motivate and inspire youth as a fastpitch softball coach and a referee for college and high school basketball. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, three daughters and dogs Dixie and Brady—they enjoy going to the beach and cheering for the Washington Capitals.

When it comes down to it, Steve believes it’s best to, “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” This theme is also demonstrated in his favorite movie, The Shawshank Redemption, and his favorite book, A Civil War: Army vs. Navy. Steve Janoskie is a true team player at Protech willing to step up and lead projects to success.

Robert D. Roberts, Vice President, Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Rob is responsible for managing all aspects of growing new customer additions to the Protech family -- from supervising and providing guidance to the sales team, to creating sales strategies to fuel growth and working with the management team to plan for the future. Rob’s career with Protech has spanned more than 20 years, during which he developed a deep and thorough understanding of member-based organizations. As a former consultant and project leader, Rob helps new customers with their evaluation of Protech Cloud Business Solutions so customer can make an educated and informed decision about how Protech is the right partner for advancing their missions.

At his core, Rob thrives on building relationships. Rob has developed relationships within the association industry with organizations such as the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Microsoft, and other industry leaders who Protech can partner with to deliver exceptional members experiences through technology. Rob is a certified Microsoft Sales Professional for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Rob grew up in Silver Spring, Md., and received his bachelor of science in finance from the University of Maryland, College Park. He spends his leisure time reading books authored by David Baldacci. These include The Innocent and The Winner. Rob enjoys their intricate stories because they are filled with detailed twists and complex story lines.

When Rob is not in the office, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife, daughter and son at home or the beach house. His family is often found watching Washington Redskins games and minding their dog, Biscuit, and their cats, Bumper and Skippy. Rob also likes to stay active by spending time playing golf, coaching youth football and participating in triathlons and duathlons. At the end of the day, Rob likes to remember that we are all “just people,” a mantra that levels the playing field when he’s pitching new business or developing exciting opportunities for Protech.

Brian Sutton, Director of Information Technology

As Director of Information Technology, Brian is responsible for overseeing the Protech corporate infrastructure, along with managing all technical aspects related to customer implementations and support. In over 10 years with Protech, Brian’s in-depth expertise in network administration and architecture, firewalls, Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions has greatly contributed to the success of Protech and its customer experiences.

Prior to joining the Protech team, Brian worked in the Workstation Support division at Group 1 Software. Brian holds certifications in: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Installation and Deployment, Microsoft Solomon Installation and Configuration, MCSE, MCP, A+.

Growing up in Silver Spring, Md., Brian received his bachelor of science in biology and minor in chemistry from Virginia Tech. Brian decided to go into the IT industry because he saw it as an exciting and challenging industry. While attending school at a young age, Brian had different plans for his career and wanted to be a doctor. However, in high school Brian met the Bruffey family and decided to instead become a “doctor” of IT.

Out of the office, you can find Brian spending time with his wife and children. Brian enjoys nothing more but to play with his children, watch TV and movies, do handy work, and exercise. Brian also loves reading books such as The Da Vinci Code or On Becoming Baby Wise, which helped during the early years of his children’s development.

Brian’s free-spirit was epitomized in the cross country trip he took across the Dominican Republic with his brothers. He has always been a family man—citing his father as his hero—which explains why he fits in so well with the Protech family. 

Mary Ann Roberts, Director, Consulting Services

Over the past 20 years at Protech, Mary Ann has participated in more than 100 customer implementations, with roles ranging from Lead Project Manager to Lead Accounting Implementation Manager to Lead Trainer. She now leads Protech’s expert Consulting Team as a principal consultant, trainer and implementer on Protech customer solutions and helps ensure that customers receive unwavering, top-notch professional services. 

Mary Ann was introduced to Protech when she was working as an accounting consultant with a nonprofit organization.  The Protech team was installing association management software and Mary Ann was installing accounting software.  Mary Ann met Frank Bruffey, Jr. and started working with Protech the next week. Mary Ann began consulting with Protech’s Customer Care Team on the Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and QuickBooks solutions. Mary Ann is currently certified in Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park, with an accounting degree, Mary Ann is an accountant by trade and has prior experience as the controller for an education association and as a staff account for a local CPA firm. Her dream to one day become a teacher led her to work with an education association and continues to assist in consulting with clients today. Mary Ann personally measures her performance by the number of hugs she receives annually from Protech’s valued and satisfied customers.

Growing up in Laurel, Md., Mary Ann has always held a love for working with customers on solutions in the ever-changing IT industry. When Mary Ann is not in the office, you can find her outdoors, or anywhere where there is music, and spending time with her three children. Mary Ann spends her time traveling including her recent trip to Italy which might have a connection to her love of books on travel like Eat, Pray, Love.