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Create exceptional member experiences with Protech Cloud Business Solutions. Your Members Deserve It!
  • Powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to ensure a long-term technology plan.
  • Deliver thru the Cloud for anytime, anywhere access from virtually any device.
  • Enterprise level security and built-in disaster recovery plan.
  • Extensive technology expertise and deep industry knowledge.
  • Superior, white-glove customer service and support.
  • Seamless integration of vital business applications into a single,centralized System of Truth.
Protech Cloud Business Solutions. Building the Complete Member Experience.
  • UX Online: the staff User Experience
  • MX Online: the Member Experience
  • LX Online:  the Leadership Experience
  • SX Online: the Social Experience
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What They're Saying

"Our previous system was not working well for us. So, the most important part of going live with Protech was to have everything in one system—from what we were doing before to everything we wanted to do going forward. With Protech’s solution, we were able to have everything in one, centralized package."

~ Terry Brown, Director, Member Services and Operations, Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)

"Conducting and tracking member marketing campaigns, and tracking results, has become significantly more simplified due to the robust functionality of Protech’s Cloud Business Solutions."

~ Tom Day, Chief Information Officer, Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA)

"Protech offers a competitive price for the value of its association management solutions. Everything is pulled into one contract, with one point of contact – it’s simplified."

~ Jim Penrod, Deputy Executive Director, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB)

Proven Association Management Software

Protech Cloud Business Solutions

Protech wants to be your long term, strategic technology partner. For more than 25 years, Protech’s experience and innovation with developing association management systems has helped our customers deliver exceptional member experiences, engaging staff and leadership experiences, and remarkable social experiences. Our unique combination of award-winning customer relationship management tools and association-specific functionalities deliver a robust solution to meet the diverse needs of member-based organizations.

On-Demand Association Management Software

Protech Cloud Business Solutions are highly scalable and easily customizable solutions that help your association enhance member experiences, improve staff productivity, and make better leadership decisions.  Protech’s complete package of solutions for your association:
  • User experiences with UX Online: easy-to-use, easy-to-learn membership management tools with the familiar Microsoft user interface.
  • Member experiences with MX Online: online member self-service and ecommerce with database and financials integration.
  • Leadership experiences with LX Online: actionable insight into your information to make data-driven, educated and informed decisions.

Predictable, Long-term Technology Plan

Protech’s comprehensive solution consolidates all your data, tools and resources in a single, centralized database system to streamline operations and unify management.  The advanced system helps you meet the diverse needs of your members and gives your leadership data-driven insight to make educated, informed decisions that will advance your organization today and into the future.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Protech Cloud Business Solutions incorporates the benefits of Microsoft’s technology vision, platform and financial commitment to mitigate risk to your organization. Microsoft is the world's leader in technology research and development. Selecting Protech Cloud Business Solutions enables you to acquire a long term technology plan out of the box that insulates your association from inevitable technology shifts and keep your technology current. Over the past 10 years alone, there has been wave after wave of innovation, often causing significant disruption to associations when their technology becomes obsolete. Protech Cloud Business Solutions, combined with the power of Microsoft, allows you to focus on advancing your mission, and aligning your technology plan with your business strategy, while remaining confident that your systems will always be current.

The Value of the Cloud

Software and technology have evolved to offer more convenience, reliability and security through the cloud. Protech Cloud Business Solutions are delivered as a service, or via the cloud, for this reason and to give associations of all sizes the tools necessary to service their members, energize their staff and empower their leadership 24x7x365. Association management through the cloud is a cost-effective, flexible delivery model that offers your association the ability to scale up or down—on a monthly basis—according to the human resource demands of your organization, while still enjoying all the benefits of our award-winning association management software. By delivering our software as a service (SaaS) via the cloud, we give our customers the reliability, security and confidence of enterprise-class data centers from CenturyLink, with superior service and a high-performance cloud infrastructure managed by Cetrom.

Value-Add, Integrated Solutions

To deliver a truly comprehensive, best-in-class association management solution, Protech partners with the industry’s leading providers for integrated data quality, credit card processing and email marketing.
  • Melissa Data Address Validation (CASS Certification)

As an association, your membership database is one of your most important assets, and keeping your database accurate is critical to maintaining effective communication with your members. UX Online users can take advantage of an online service provided by Melissa Data that automatically fills in the most accurate postal address using the XML Web Service Subscription—directly within the UX Online 2011 user interface. It includes domestic address data qualityaccording to USPS regulations, zip+4 CASS certification and congressional district assignment.

  • PayPal Payflow Pro

Today, the majority of member transactions are processed via credit card. Protech has selected PayPal as our commerce payment gateway for processing credit card payments. Payflow Pro seamlessly posts transactions through UX Online 2011 and MX Online, so that payments are reflected within member records. All credit card information is secure and encrypted, and adheres to PCI-compliance regulations.

  • ExactTarget Email Marketing & Communications

ExtactTarget's interactive email marketing hub combines the pwwer of your UX Online 2011 database with innovative email communication tools created by ExactTarget. Fully integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface, your email marketing solution toolset ensures that you can create, target, deliver, integrate, track, and manage sophisticated email campaigns. Built on a powerful, scalable platform, ExactTarget’s email marketing and communications tools will allow you to view real-time tracking results, deliver personalized, relevant information, and honor opt-out requests and more.