360° Member Lifecycle Management

Membership Management

A well-oiled association machine encompasses many components of superior membership management. From a centralized view of your member information  and quality data to streamlined processes that frees you to address your members’ most important concerns, association management software is the foundation of effective management.

Protech Cloud Business Solutions is an easy-to-navigate, centralized member lifecycle management solution that helps you handle every membership detail, from long-term growth to individual member engagement:

  • Membership Management
    Facilitate and coordinate event management, relationship management, financial management, training and certifications, and more
  • Member Communication
    Manage member interactions through email, mobile communications, your website, social media, and more
  • Member Content
    Deliver more engaging content to your members by analyzing what they value most

Grow and manage all of your individual or corporate members with Protech Cloud Business Solutions, a membership management software solution that’s aligned with your strategy and business practices, from flexible membership plans and packages to dues structures. This includes:

  • Streamlined processing and renewals
  • Built-in reports and dashboards for tracking statistics and managing member and association goals
  • Simplified tracking and membership management with one-click access to detailed information
  • Strengthening membership retention and satisfaction with real-time updates and synchronization
  • Enhancing member relationships by making personalized notes to strengthen individual member rapport
  • Managing committees, rosters and special interest groups with automatic term dates and flexible demographics fields
  • Organizing and supporting chapters, sections and divisions with real-time access and delivery of financial information, chapter officers and targeted communications
  • Simplifying and automating subscription processing for your professional publications

Manage Your Complete Member Lifecycle