Streamlined Event Management Solution

Extensive, Responsive Event Marketing, Promotion & Communication

Communicate more effectively and quickly relay information to your members with Protech Cloud Business Solutions. Address every detail in your meeting and event marketing and promotion efforts.

Comprehensive Event Management
Protech’s event management software transforms your conference and event management process by coordinating everything in one place. Seamlessly connect your event promotion, planning, registrations, financial management, speaker and facility logistics, exhibit and sponsorship sales, and post-show analysis responsibilities to create successful, well-orchestrated events.

Protech Cloud Business Solutions improves your event management process by bringing efficiency to meeting registration processing, speaker and facility tracking, and exhibit and booth management. In all, Protech empowers you to:

  • Sharply reduce manual processes with robust automation and easy-to-use tools, such as templates for common meeting types, scheduling conflict management and waitlists for heavily attended events
  • Automatically scale your event resources with unlimited registration types and limitless sessions and social events
  • Manage speaker and facility logistics and hotel rooms with seamless Passkey integration
  • Customize your exhibitor registration with flexible, variable pricing options, including flat rate, square foot and sensitive conflict resolution
  • Coordinate and account for booth representatives and staff, create an exhibitor directory, produce exhibitor badges and rosters, and publish an on-site buyer’s guide
  • Promote, sell, invoice and manage event sponsorships and on-site advertising
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading online trade show floor plan systems to provide the most benefits to your exhibitors

Online Registrations For Meetings & Events
Streamline your event promotion processes by giving members easy access to all of the event information they need. This allows you to deliver an unprecedented member experience and ensure that your events reflect the professionalism and values of your association. From overall event organization, promotion and activity planning to speaker, sponsor and attendee management, Protech’s UX Online keeps your events running smoothly.

Protech Cloud Business Solutions streamlines your event processes by:

  • Allowing members, sponsors and exhibitors to easily register for events from your website
  • Offering integration with your third-party tradeshow system, which simplifies the exhibit booth selection and registration process
  • Providing automated event marketing, promotion, advertising and exhibiting contract management functionality
  • Efficiently tracking and promoting sales with campaigns and the powerful email marketing and demand generation engine

Streamline Your Event Management