Integrated Association Financial Management

Built Specifically For Your Association

A centralized view into your association’s operations
and an ability to efficiently process financial transactions are vital to running a healthy organization and pinpointing any financial gaps. Protech’s association management software has the integrated financial management software solution capabilities to effortlessly connect your website and front- and back-office accounting operations.

Efficient, Powerful Financial Transaction Processing
Without integrated financial management capabilities, you’re forced to manage tedious processes that take away from your ability to provide exceptional member experiences. Simply put, a reliable and streamlined financial transaction process should be a priority. Protech Cloud Business Solutions bolsters your transaction operations with:
  • Secure SSO
    Secure, single sign-on (SSO) for members, prospects and donors to access your website
  • Efficient Dues & Renewals
    Global shopping cart for a single, POS checkout for membership renewals and dues payments
  • Automatic Invoicing
    Automatic invoice processing using membership-specific installment schedules
  • Non-Dues Revenue
    Promotion, sales and invoicing for event sponsorships and promotions, tradeshow booth sales, fund raising, and digital and website advertising
  • General Ledger Automation
    Automatic transaction posting, assign general ledger accounts to every product, and view member-specific and organization-wide financial information
  • Payment Processing
    Secure, PCI-compliant credit card, check, cash and gift certificate payment processing
  • Payment Authorization
    Real-time payment authorization and the ability to process voids and credits
Empowered Financial Analysis & Reporting
Built-in financial reporting solution delivers both the details and the big picture necessary to monitor and improve member transactions and overall organizational performance. Integrated financial management helps your association by giving you the power of:
  • Accounting Integration
    Integrate with Microsoft GP, SL and Intuit QuickBooks accounting systems
  • Data Accuracy
    Eliminate data redundancy and duplication of effort, and bolster the accuracy of your data
  • Financial Visibility
    Achieve cross-organization visibility and manage complex financial structures
  • Audit Control
    Ensure a smooth annual audit with audit controls and PCI-compliant standards
  • Reconciliation & Reporting
    Produce daily, weekly and monthly financial reconciliation reports for deposits, general ledger entries, revenue and more
Integrate Your Financial Systems