Membership Marketing Automation

From Association Management Software

Manual processes and disparate systems waste time that could be spent on improving your association membership marketing efforts. But with Protech Cloud Business Solutions – powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 – you can streamline processes and gain instant access to data. This allows you to drive a better member experience.

Optimized Association Membership Marketing
Create and automate targeted, content-rich communications through formal marketing campaigns and lead management, which is the key to capturing the attention of your members and prospective members.

The Power & Intelligence of Microsoft Dynamics 365
Leverage flexible segmentation tools, intuitive campaign management features, powerful workflows and insightful analytics to increase the effectiveness of your association membership marketing programs.

Better Pipeline Management
Maintain an active pipeline with automated demand generation and lead tracking. Turn opportunities into membership growth with attentiveness and responsiveness to lead inquiries thanks to sales force automation and case management.

Connect Through Social Media
Incorporate key social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter into your association marketing management software to better interact with both active and prospective members.

Confident Membership Marketing Management

Certify clean, accurate delivery of email marketing campaigns through seamless integration with leading association membership marketing tools. Ensure that your goals are met with member marketing management, tracking and reporting.

Automate Your Marketing Efforts