Strong Communication

The Key To Successful Member Management

In a hyper-connected world, communicating with your members is multifaceted. Now more than ever, streamlined member management depends on utilizing advanced database technology, website integration, sophisticated email and member marketing automation, social networks and mobile capabilities. Your members must have access to everything they might need at any time, including event information, membership renewals, new products or certification criteria changes.

With Protech Cloud Business Solutions and our MX Online solution, you’re empowered to easily scale, grow and prosper while keeping your members happy.

A Seamless, Engaging Member Experience
Engaging members with valuable resources is essential to your success. From new memberships and event registrations to social communities and online learning, strong technology tools and association management solutions are instrumental to your ability to deliver the best possible member experience — especially for associations with limited financial and human resources.

A Single System Of Truth
Avoiding data silos is particularly important in creating a multi-channel member experience. Your members interact with multiple teams within your association. Protech’s member management software breaks down any existing data silos while documenting all membership outreach in a central membership database. This single, comprehensive solution produces a level of transparency that solidifies your member communication.

Power In Your Members’ Hands
With the power and integration of MX Online and our association management software, your members are able to easily register for events directly within your website. In addition, members can access and print receipts, manage opt-in/opt-out communication preferences and join other groups within the organization at any time.

Communicate With Comprehensive Integration