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With The Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Associations and Non-Profits

Protech Cloud Business Solutions consolidates all of your data, tools and resources in a centralized association management system to streamline operations, unify management, and promote exceptional relationships and member experiences. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, your solution is backed by a world-class CRM platform, and the depth and breadth of Microsoft’s technology vision.

Protech’s advanced association management software helps you meet the diverse needs of your members and gives you data-driven insight to make educated, informed decisions to help your association move forward.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?
Protech Cloud Business Solutions empowers you to provide exceptional member experiences, improve your membership marketing effectiveness, boost sales and enrich your member service interactions.

How? Microsoft Dynamics 365 has robust business intelligence capabilities that help you access, gather and analyze the right data to make smarter decisions that advance your association. Meanwhile, its flexible customization options allow you to quickly react and adapt to today’s rapidly changing competitive landscape:

  • Marketing – Maximize your membership marketing budget with flexible segmentation tools, simplified campaign management capabilities, intuitive response tracking and insightful analytics.
  • MembershipGrow your membership database with full “lead-to-cash” visibility, lead and opportunity tracking, streamlined approvals, and real-time sales forecasts to drive higher close rates.
  • Member Service – Satisfy members by empowering your team with tools to simplify case management, streamline escalations, improve knowledge sharing and more.
  • Operational Excellence – Boost productivity and streamline your business by maximizing the value of your relationships through intuitive tools and contextual data visualizations, role-based forms, flexible workflows, and automated processes.

Protech & Microsoft’s Growth-Focused Technology
You’re always planning for the long term, and to meet your needs, we are too. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect technology and platform. Microsoft has not only laid out a “dynamic business” vision, but also developed an agile release model for rapid innovation, better productivity and enhanced experiences for organizations using its technology.

With this plan, Microsoft delivers updates to its Customer Relationship Management product platform to:

  • Drive maximum user productivity
  • Provide a long-term technology plan and platform for independent software vendors like Protech to rapidly innovate
  • Enrich the core sales, service and marketing capabilities of your association
  • Provide a flexible and scalable business solution framework

Microsoft invests over $9 billion annually in productivity-focused innovation and employs thousands of world-class engineers to provide the peace of mind necessary for you to be confident in choosing a Microsoft-based solution to power your association today and into the future.

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