Smarter Reporting & Analytics

With A Complete, Real-Time Membership Database

Making important decisions without visibility into your membership lifecycle or a trustworthy membership database is a risky strategy.

But with real-time reporting and analytics provided by LX Online, you’re able to make data-driven decisions. Adapt, adjust, forecast and plan with focus on exceeding your members’ expectations, providing them superior services and growing your association.

With easy-to-use, flexible reporting tools from Microsoft Dynamics 365, LX Online empowers you to streamline processes and increase operational efficiencies. Instantly get the information you need, when you need it and how you need it.

Contextual Analytics
Visualize your association with out-of-the-box and configurable real-time dashboards, drill-down analysis and powerful inline data visualization.

Guided Processes
Streamline approvals, improve consistency and enforce best practices with guided dialogs and flexible, powerful workflows.

Actionable Insight
Identify new opportunities and trends with intuitive segmentation tools, conditional formatting rules and powerful reporting features.

Goal Tracking
Track and measure key business goals such as marketing leads, membership and product sales, and first-call member service resolution rates with holistic goal management.

Power Of Fetch XML
Download statements directly with the Advanced Find query function to create your own sophisticated reports in a shared environment.

Operational Efficiency
Achieve enhanced operational efficiencies and improve information flow with data import and cleansing tools, activity auditing, and field-level security.

Make More Intelligent Decisions