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3 Benefits of an Integrated Financial Management System

With these three core benefits in mind, it should be a whole lot easier to convince your executive team or board of directors to seek out an AMS that integrates with your primary financial management system.

Great association management software enhances the member experience and streamlines event management, but it also offers major benefits for your accounting team… if your financial management system is integrated with your AMS. So, why is an AMS so important to the accounting department? Improved data accuracy and healthier financials. By connecting your preferred financial management... Read More

3 Association Membership Strategies Proven to Enhance Engagement

Looking for new association membership strategies? Here's what worked for three associations.

When an association’s member engagement strategies simply aren’t working, what do they do? One association membership director might scour the web for ideas. Another might attend ASAE’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference. And a third might do both. The thing is, there’s really no substitute for real world examples — the success stories that elevated... Read More

Software for Association Management: What You Should Ask Vendors

Need new software for association management? Ask these questions to separate the good from the not-so-good.

Technology advances quickly. Trends change overnight. Checklists that associations used for software selection in 2015 won’t work in 2020. So, what should you ask vendors to make sure you pick the perfect software for your association management? Here are five questions that  will set any trade or professional association on the right path. 1 –... Read More

Is Your Software Project Doomed from the Start?

Is your software project doomed from the start? Maybe it was 10 years ago, but things have changed.

Did you see a “scary stat” in your inbox recently? We did, and it was shocking, to say the least. In 2017, a tech consulting firm found that 75 percent of IT executives think their software development projects are doomed from the start. Sadly, that sentiment isn’t new. Consider this from Gartner: “Despite more than... Read More

Flipping the Script on Your Next Annual Meeting

By Matt Dickens, Protech’s LX Product Manager Virtually every association kicks off its annual meeting the same way, and frankly, it’s terrible and I’m desperate for them to stop. So what is it that trade and professional associations do? Talk about themselves. I can’t tell you how many association meetings and conferences I’ve attended over... Read More

10 Ways to be the Best Association Manager in 2019

12 ways to be the best association manager in 2019

Never stop learning. That’s what it takes to be a great leader, and a great association manager. If it worked for former President John F. Kennedy, it just might work for you, too. “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” the 35th president said. So, how can you be a better leader in 2019?... Read More