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All AMS Upgrades Aren’t Created Equal

Download Your Guide to Pure Cloud AMS Upgrades

By The Protech Team Advancements in cloud technologies disrupted the association management software upgrades process in the best possible way, creating forever upgrades. There are now a handful of AMS solutions on the market that operate entirely in a pure cloud model, making the upgrade process simple. Previously, here’s what would come to mind when... Read More

How to Amplify Association Networking at Your Next Annual Meeting

Looking for new ways to improve your annual meeting? Offer more association networking opportunities.

By Matt Dickens, Protech LX Product Manager If you’re one of the 41 percent of marketers who believe that events are your single most effective marketing channel, you know that you can’t afford to botch your next annual meeting. And yet, I’ve been to enough trade and professional association annual conferences to know that plenty... Read More

5 Traits to Look for in a High-quality AMS Software Customer Care Team

There a plenty of things to look for from your next AMS software customer care team. Here are the top 5.

By Bryan Goldman, Protech Customer Service Manager Your new association management software just went live… now what? Like with any new technology purchase, there will be a bit of a learning curve. Things might not always work in the way you’re used to. Fast forward a few years. Things still aren’t working as planned. Your... Read More

Innovation Summit 2019: Imagining the Future of Associations

At .orgCommunity's Innovation Summit 2019, it was encouraged to think differently.

By Charlie Sapienza, Senior Business Development Representative What’s working for your association today might not work tomorrow. That was my overarching takeaway from .orgCommunity’s Innovation Summit 2019, where association executives came together to share their member engagement success stories. It was quite the whirlwind. In just about 10 hours, those of us in attendance found... Read More

What Your Association Can Learn from Netflix About Member Analytics

Can your association learn any member analytics lessons from Netflix?

By Audrey Smilgys, Sr. Solution Consultant Despite a flood of new competitors entering the streaming market (with Disney and NBC joining the fray alongside HBO and Amazon), Netflix remains the top dog. How? Not just because they were first — they know their users better. Trade and professional associations are in a similar position. Associations... Read More

[Webinar Recap] 4 Key Takeaways on Marketing Personalization

Do you feel like you have a registration or renewal problem? In that case, certain tactics can help, but here’s the bottom line: you almost always have an engagement problem. Join Higher Logic and Protech, for a fresh perspective on personalizing the member experience.

By The Protech Team It’s the age of personalization in marketing. No longer is marketing personalization considered creepy to most consumers—it’s expected. Unfortunately, many associations don’t harness the full power of personalized marketing, and their member engagement suffers. To help trade and professional associations understand the advantages of marketing personalization, Protech invited Higher Logic’s Vivian... Read More