20 Must-read Blog Posts for Association Pros from 2019

Here are Protech’s top 20 blog posts for association professionals from 2019!

By Brian Smith – Communications Specialist   

Feel like you can’t keep up with the latest and greatest trends in association management software (AMS) and cloud computing?   

That’s OK, it happens to the best of us. There’s a lot out of information out there.   

Over the course of 2019, we put together a couple of comprehensive guides to help you find new content to add to your reading list (check out the guides here and here). As we head into 2020, here’s a list of my favorite blog posts that you won’t want to miss. 

20 of the Best Blog Posts for Associations Executives from 2019 

6 Social Media Lessons from National Geographic’s Huge Following by Liz McBrayer – ClickDimensions 

You don’t become the single most followed account on social media by accident. Learn how to obtain followers and optimize their engagement. 

How to Connect Email Engagement to Your Big Goals by Kivi Leroux Miller – Nonprofit Marketing Guide 

Email is the bread and butter of any marketing strategy. But how do you leverage CRM data for your other engagement channels? Understand how to score leads and merge email engagement with nurturing campaigns for prospects here. 

How to Ensure Data and Brand Safety by Gordon Plutsky – IDG 

Associations collecting data on their members through digital advertising will learn how to keep it safe in this post. 

What’s Good in Data Management by Wes Trochlil – Effective Database Management 

Plain and simple, Wes knows AMS. He shares some of his thoughts on data management functionalities that go under-the-radar and are under-utilized by numerous associations. 

How to Build Long-Term Trust and Differentiate Your Brand with Webinars by Brian Honigman – GoToWebinar 

Professional associations want to help a member’s career development at every step of the journey, from college graduation to retirement. One way to ensure that happens is to create engaging webinars. Here, you’ll see how webinars better sustain those relationships. 

4 Ways Online Learning Tech can Engage Your Association’s Members by Amber Bovenmyer – Web Courseworks Guest Post on Association TRENDS 

It’s no longer enough to simply send a “checking-in” email to your association’s members. They expect a user-friendly experience where they have access to a variety of educational resources. See how an AMS and learning management system (LMS) can do just that. 

3 Ways to Make Your Conference Website More Accessible by Michael Doane – CadmiumCD Guest Post for CommPartners 

Staying engaged with buying decision-makers at conferences and events requires a website that is seamless and accessible for all audiences. Identify what that website looks like. 

Should Your Association Start a Podcast? by Chelsea Brasted – AssociationSuccess.org 

In the endless world of content, associations are seeing a nondues revenue opportunity in producing podcasts. Discover how a nonprofit was able to achieve over 2,000 downloads in the first month of podcasting. 

Data Governance in Action: How to Tame the Data Deluge & Make Better Decisions by Tobin Conley – DelCor 

The first step in data governance is fully understanding your data. Tobin reviews how to design a data audit and what to look for. 

Meet the Membership & Education Expectations of Millennials and Gen Z by WBT Systems 

They don’t just want funny memes and social media likes. Identify where you can get the most out of the largest demographic in today’s workforce. 

Better Data Can Lead to Better Sponsorships by Rasheeda Childress – Associations Now 

While most associations track payments from partners and sponsors, a recent study shows that many nonprofits are missing the mark when it comes to developing deeper relationships. Explore which data points can improve your nondues revenue stream. 

Give Your Team Something to Shout About – Move Strategy to Execution by Sherry Budziak – .orgCommunity 

A recent report from Gartner found that 56 percent of corporate executives and their teams believe that strategic planning is a waste of time. Figure out how to get an idea off the drawing board with these simple implementation tips. 

The Customer Success Metrics That Actually Matter by Clint Fontanella – Hubspot 

The common paradigm for most customer service managers is to monitor activity-based metrics to determine success. Not anymore. Find better data points to track that will lead to more loyal relationships with your customers. 

Technology in the Workplace: Merging Boomers and Millennials by Lauren Brown – Achurch Consulting 

The pace of change for technology is leaving many associations struggling to unify workplace culture between generations. Learn which tools can help and how to institute a culture that promotes teamwork. 

Seven Sales Presentation Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them by Kseniya Martin – The Moery Company 

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being unprepared for a sales presentation to potentially recruit a new member. Uncover how to avoid these frequent pitfalls during the sales process at your association. 

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Standing Still by Katie Atkinson – Results Direct & RD Mobile 

As Katie puts it, “mobile apps are a game-changer for member associations and charities looking to better engage members and supporters, nurture relationships, increase donations, and manage events and volunteers.”  Learn more on the important considerations to look for when implementing a mobile app. 

Why Your Organization Should be Using OAUTH 2.0 by Bridget Gorman – Clowder 

Have you ever signed up for an online service or application and used the “Sign-in using Facebook” button? That is OAUTH 2.0. See why your organization needs it now more than ever. 

3 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Cybersecurity Training by BluePay 

Data security is a constant concern among association and nonprofit professionalsLearn why now is a good time to start training your staff toward a cyber-secure world. 

Avoiding Month-End Stress: Survival Tips for Nonprofit Financial Management by Joan Benson – Sage Intacct 

Joan puts it succinctly, “With limited resources, most nonprofit financial management teams are stretched thin. Every month-end, quarter-end, and year-end, the team is under enormous pressure to complete financial reporting while still keeping up with a myriad of other tasks. Learn tips on how to streamline these processes. 

Need Data for a Key Decision? Try These 8 Sources by The Melissa Team – Melissa 

You can find data from in-house, secondary and third-party sources. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll draw from all three, or narrow down the search field. 


There’s a lot of noise in the world of technology. It’s good to know which organizations provide informative, credible and entertaining content. Hopefully this end-of-the-year recap can be a guide to get your reading list started. Follow these blogs and you won’t miss a beat on the advancements of best-in-breed database tools. 

We’re looking forward to learning more, and sharing more of our own content, in 2020. 

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