4 Awesome Member Appreciation Strategies to Boost Renewal Rates

Member appreciation leads to member retention. Follow these 4 awesome strategies to keep members happy and boost renewal rates
Member appreciation leads to member retention. Follow these 4 awesome strategies to keep members happy and boost renewal rates

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, we’ve all experienced a lack of appreciation in our lives. Whether it’s from your association, employer, friends, family or something/someone else that’s important to you, it’s not a fantastic feeling.

Remember how you felt when you weren’t being appreciated for your effort, work or contributions? You probably stopped caring — at least for a little while — about that particular relationship, right?

Unbeknownst to you, some of your association’s members might feel the same way.

The Protech Associates team recently proposed four member appreciation strategies on Associations Now, and we felt it appropriate to reiterate them here. Why? Because an underappreciated member is less likely to:

  • Volunteer for committees or boards
  • Attend association-sponsored events
  • And most importantly, renew their membership

4 Member Appreciation Ideas to Keep Members Happy

1 – Celebrate Member Achievements

Most people don’t join associations just to get a membership card.

Association members are go-getters. They want to earn certifications, advocate on behalf of their industry and learn from their peers.

These are the kind of people who will have plenty of success in life, successes which are often relevant to your association’s industry. So why not help them celebrate?

We suggest one of the following:

  • Host a special event at your annual meeting to honor member accomplishments
  • Organize local member appreciation events
  • Create a “Member of the Month” program, offering a professional development course or a complimentary event registration for a highly engaged member each month

2 – Scale Up Your Social Media Engagement

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Or even Snapchat, for the more trendy associations. There are so many avenues for professional or trade associations to highlight a member.

If you hear of a member doing extraordinary work in their career or personal life, simply giving them a shout out on social media can make them feel like a real part of your association’s community.

Other easy suggestions:

  • Encourage members to contribute content you can share on social media
  • Host a public Q+A on Facebook, making sure to answer as many member questions as possible
  • Follow a few members every week on Twitter, showing them you care about what they have to say


Member Appreciation Through Social Media
One easy avenue to engage with members and show them you care: social media

3 – Start at Onboarding

The best tip to ensure members feel appreciated? Start as early as onboarding.

Check out our piece on Associations Now for more on this…

The short version? Keep members engaged from the start and you’ll never have to worry about member appreciation again.

4 – Provide Every Opportunity to Get Involved

It’s a lot easier to show members they’re appreciated when you truly appreciate them.

By giving members more opportunities to get involved with the association, you’ll have more chances to thank them.

Try the following ideas to get started:

  • Organize co-learning events
  • Ask influential members to organize social gatherings or workshops
  • Set up interactive webinars to bring members from all over the world together

Final Thoughts on Member Appreciation

Member appreciation is such an easy form of member engagement. And when it comes to member engagement, how could you pass up on what’s easy? It’s that member engagement success that leads to quick renewals.

Want to learn more about making member engagement easier? Download our e-book, “Association Experts Share the Hidden Truths to Member Engagement,” to see how six associations are increasing their member interactions.

Need to boost member engagement? Download Protech's free e-book today!
Need to boost member engagement? Download Protech’s free e-book today!