A platform that can’t be matched

Alliance by Protech AMS Platform

The dizzying array of AMS solutions has your head spinning. We get it. But before you’ve spun yourself in circles trying to find your perfect solution, consider why Microsoft-fueled AMS beats the rest.

It’s easy to yammer on about Microsoft’s mind-blowing research and development investments or its years as an industry innovator — but you know that already. What you might not know is Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best platform out there, which is how it became the ground-floor on which we built our function-rich Association Management Software.

For those familiar with Microsoft’s popular Office and Outlook offerings, you’re in for a treat. Natural integration is the name of the game with Microsoft, and you’ll find nothing works as seamlessly with their products than Dynamics 365.

Do you live to learn? Our AMS is built for you. The out-of-the-box functionality is only matched by its endless array of advanced tools. Gone will be your daily encounters with data silos, data redundancy, duplication of effort and inefficient processes.

Either way, our AMS has everything associations need — plus a whole bunch of things you never knew you needed. Ours was, after all, the first solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and we’ve fine-tuned it with associations like yours in mind.

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