All AMS Upgrades Aren’t Created Equal

Download Your Guide to Pure Cloud AMS Upgrades
Download Your Guide to Pure Cloud AMS Upgrades

By The Protech Team

Advancements in cloud technologies disrupted the association management software upgrades process in the best possible way, creating forever upgrades.

There are now a handful of AMS solutions on the market that operate entirely in a pure cloud model, making the upgrade process simple.

Previously, here’s what would come to mind when most associations thought of AMS upgrades:

  • Time-consuming
  • Costly
  • Disruptive
  • Risky

But that’s not the case anymore, at least for some AMS solutions. The old upgrade path still works well, but the new way works even better.

No More Cloud Washing

Before we discuss the benefits of pure cloud AMS solutions, it’s important to reiterate that the old way of doing things was best practice. The pure cloud didn’t exist, so pure cloud upgrades didn’t, either. The old way worked, but modern tech brings forth better solutions.

Now that we’ve cleared the elephant from the room, let’s distinguish true cloud systems from those that are cloud-based.

According to a study by CompTIA, 91 percent of companies claim to be using some form of cloud computing. But, according to the CompTIA study, “Definitions may vary,” when it comes to cloud computing.

It’s called “cloud washing,” and here’s how describes it:

“The most basic cloud washing practice includes a vendor that hosts an implementation of their existing packaged software and calls it cloud because they are maintaining it in a virtualized data center.”

What cloud washing leads to is a lack of automated, continuous upgrades. That describes a large majority of companies and their AMS upgrades.

Get Simple, Effortless AMS Upgrades with the Pure Cloud

For the savvy CIOs who aren’t prone to cloud washing, the platform-based association management systems reign supreme. These solutions (i.e. built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform) offer a simple, non-intrusive upgrade path that cannot be matched by most propriety systems.

So, what can you expect with true cloud AMS upgrades?

  • Flexibility: Find a system that grows alongside your association.
  • Cost-savings: Enjoy that you no longer have to deal with unknown implementation costs for upgrades.
  • Innovation: Get consistent access to the latest and greatest version of your AMS.
  • Space-savings: Ditch the on-premises systems and hardware.

Interested in learning more about pure cloud AMS upgrades? Grab a free copy of the white paper, “Your Guide to Simple, Effortless Upgrades,” today.