4 Can’t-miss [and Free!] Association Data Reports and e-books for 2019

Check out these four awesome association data reports and learn something new in 2019.
Check out these four awesome association data reports and learn something new in 2019.

Data rules everything around us.

Data management. Analytics and charts. Data reports. No matter your association, no matter your field of expertise or job title, data undoubtedly plays a critical role in your daily life. Or, at least it should.

But what about data about associations? Sure, you may have a zillion reports based on charts and views and Advanced Finds to manage members via your data management system, but what about information on associations generally? Or about the industry as a whole?

We scoured the web — so you don’t have to — to find four awesome, free association data reports and e-books you can’t afford to miss in 2019. Use this info to find out how your association measures up, and to find out if your association is thinking the same way everyone else is.

4 Free Association Data Reports and e-books for 2019

1 – Association TRENDS’ 2018 Association Data Survey Infographic

The infographic requires you to fill out a form, but it’s well worth it for the amount of information you receive.

See where your association stacks up when it comes to data:

  • Challenges
  • Management systems (64 percent use association management software as their primary data source, according to the study)
  • Cleanliness
  • Staffing

2 – Wes Trochlil’s What’s On Your Mind Survey

This survey is awesome. Period. Full stop.

Why? Because it focuses on what we all really want to know — what are people complaining about?

Wes Trochlil, of Effective Database Management, collected and analyzed 177 unique responses for his two-question survey. What did he find? Three-fifths of respondents deemed their data management as “Good enough.”

Our suggestion for 2019: Stop settling for “Good enough.”

We strong recommend checking out the analysis to learn more and find out if your challenges are unique.

3 – The Community Roundtable & Higher Logic’s The State of Community Management in 2018

Still considering an online community for your association? Or maybe you’re trying to get yours off the ground? Either way, this is a great report for you.

Find out what kind of return on investment you’re missing (or should be getting). Recognize the underlying benefits of online communities, like the impact on culture and brand sentiment.

This report features a great mix of text and infographics to benefit all learning styles.

4 – ClickDimensions’ 2019 Marketing With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Idea Book

More of a guide than an association data report, really, but this piece is jam-packed with data and tip sheets for associations using an AMS built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Download the book and find out what processes you need to change in 2019.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this education about associations, data management, online communities and marketing automation helps you to better understand your market and make more informed decisions for your members.