Employee Spotlight: Interview with Laura Bruffey

Baltimore Running Festival
Laura Bruffey in a running uniform after a race

Our tagline “Automating Goodness” is not just a marketing piece, it is a way of life here at Protech. The city of Baltimore held its annual Running Festival on Saturday, October 21st, and our own Laura Bruffey was a participant in that run.

Laura was Bib #295 and ran the full 26-mile marathon, clocking in at five hours, six minutes.

We sat down with Laura to see what her thoughts were about running and the training involved to do a complete marathon.


Protech: When did you start running?

Laura: I started competitively running in high school.

Protech: What motivates you to train?

Laura: If I didn’t train, the race would be even more painful. Training gives me the confidence that I can finish the race. I feel accomplished after long runs.

Protech: What kind of training do you do to prepare for a run?

Laura: For half and full marathons, training consists of increasing the distance of runs each week.  Training for the marathon, I ran anywhere between 20-40 miles a week. For shorter runs, I take my dog Carly with me to keep me company.

Protech: What kind of runs do you participate in? Marathons, 5k, etc?

Laura: Several 5k and 10ks throughout the year, I’ve run 3 half marathons and 1 full.

Protech: What advice would you give to new runners?

Laura: Gradually increase your distance – don’t take on too much too fast; if you train for it, you can do it… trust your training during the race.