Browser Bytes: A Visual Learner’s Paradise

It’s 4:57 p.m. and you’re feeling like a rock star after an awesome day at the office. But you’re not the type to call it quits a few minutes early after such a great day.

Enter Browser Bytes.

In fewer than three minutes, a Protech Associates team member will have walked you through a pre-recorded video titled “Understanding Advanced Finds and Saved Views,” and you’ve made the most of both your day and UX Online.

If you’re a Protech user — first of all, pat yourself on the back for being part of such a fantastic community. Second, you’re probably somewhat familiar with Browser Bytes.

It’s no secret we love Browser Bytes, the tight 2-4 minute tidbits of insight into the Protech system. But association members and staff are busy people, so it’s totally understandable if the benefits of Browser Bytes slipped your mind.

So here’s a quick refresher.

Easily accessible within the Protech Resource Center on the PUG website, a batch of videos are waiting for you to maximize your user experience on the Protech system.

Remember our Weekday Warrior described above? In those 3 minutes, they’ve learned to create saved contact views displaying the information they frequently need – each and every time they need it. Fast forward to the future, and that 3-minute video has saved the user an exponential amount of time.

As with any tool accessible for the Protech User Group, Browser Bytes covers much more than just Advanced Finds or Saved Views.

Are you looking to explore the far corners of UX Online? Or perhaps you’re simply seeking out a few time-saving tips to make life a little easier. Either way, we’re here with the tools to help you maximize your efficiency.

These videos, along with tons of other valuable information, can be found at the Protech User Group website. And like all things here at Protech, it exists with the purpose of “Automating Goodness.”