Employee Spotlight: Beth Lilienstein, MX Product Manager

We all left Fusion 2018 singing Beth Lilienstein’s praises. But who are we kidding? Someone around the Protech office is always singing a jolly tune about Beth.

Here at Protech Associates, Beth’s known for shaping MX Online for members, designing a seamless experience which can be configured for any association. Along with her awesome work ethic and welcoming smile, we know her positive interactions with so many pieces of the Protech puzzle are what earned her the Protech All-Star Award at Fusion 2018.

But there’s more than meets the eye to Beth. The same communication and teamwork skills which make her an office morale superstar and allow Beth to craft a superb member-tailored experience for MX Online were forged in part through a unique source.

While many of us find ourselves singing in the car on our way to work or belting out a tune during our morning routine, Beth is no amateur. So when Beth found herself on the stage at the WOW Awards, it wasn’t her first rodeo.

Beth spent years honing her craft while performing in venues ranging from churches to weddings and even the Peabody Conservatory. Then, she slowly transitioned away from her musically-minded moonlighting, but it was her time in the spotlight when Beth learned skills which would serve her a lifetime and make her the kind of coworker we all aspire to be.

Beth remembers her time on the stage fondly, reminiscing about performances as a soloist, in a chorus, or small group where it’s critical to balance you’re best effort while simultaneously blending with everyone around you. Those same principles of teamwork have proven valuable at Protech.

“I really think that is something that goes into teamwork here, too. I am one piece of this, and I am going to do the absolute best I can. I’m going to do my absolute best to shine, but I shine because my voice is rising with the developers’ voice, the implementers’ voice,” Beth said.

Add to her communication skills both exceptional creativity and passion, which serve as a foundation for all of Beth’s projects — and we’re sure there’s no one better to contribute in our effort to continue “Automating Goodness” than Beth!

But don’t just take it from us. Beth was one of several of our Protech teammates who got some “Puppy Love” at Fusion 2018.

“Beth is always willing to help. She is truly an asset to the organization,” said Missy Casner, of the American Camp Association.

So why is Beth such a terrific teammate? For one, she’s always ready to break from the constraints — a mindset she brings to both her work and her current creative outlet.

Spend enough time with Beth and you might spot her out and about snapping a few photos for her Instagram page, each one more colorful than the last. And if you see a great photo opportunity, you wouldn’t be the first person in the office rushing to find Beth.

After all her adventures — including a journey at Protech spanning eight years — Beth’s the happiest she’s ever been. And we’re ecstatic to have her on the team!

Fortunately for all of us in the Protech family, our culture fits Beth like a glove. A casual atmosphere where she’s surrounded by highly-skilled and passionate teammates is Beth’s perfect fit, and she relishes the opportunities Protech gives her to be herself.

Beth also loves the chance to engage with the Protech family. Trust us, if you get an opportunity to chat with Beth, it’s not an experience you’ll want to pass up.