Employee Spotlight: Bryan Goldman — Customer Service Manager

Bryan Goldman is no stranger to helping people.

He’s been doing it for years. And now, he’s taking his passion for teaching to another level.

Just one year after joining the Protech team, Bryan was promoted to customer service manager — the perfect fit for a man with his unique set of skills.

You see, Bryan wasn’t exactly a techie. Like many at Protech Associates, Bryan was honing his distinct repertoire of skills in another industry before being welcomed aboard. For Bryan, that industry was education.

For the last year, Bryan spent most of his time at Protech helping clients learn about their association management software as part of a top-of-the-line customer care team. And since his recent promotion, he’s back to teaching, helping new teammates learn how they can best connect customers with solutions to their questions.

But helping people isn’t easy. Anyone who’s ever had a rough customer service experience can attest to that. It requires communications, patience and a willingness to teach — skills Bryan now imparts on his fellow teammates at Protech.

Those three characteristics helped Bryan find his way from support consultant to customer service manager. And chances are good Bryan’s helped you out a time or two.

Changing Paths

Let’s back up a step. In 2017, Bryan Goldman’s career path took a hard left turn. And it wasn’t the first time.

As made evident by the promotion, Bryan’s a quick learner. But it was the years prior to Protech — before he was helping customers maximize the functionality of the first AMS built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform — where he mastered the art of helping people.

Long before becoming a valued member of the Protech team — although not too long for the young father — Bryan pursued a master’s degree in fine art with the goal of becoming a college art professor. But things changed. He then found himself teaching children, and eventually became a lead educator at a school for early childhood education.

“Those skills were what prepared me for the customer interactions, and then I just kind of learned the product as I went,” Bryan said.

Gone are the days of calling parents when something goes wrong, but those communication skills still apply. He’s traded in the challenging phone calls with parents for an opportunity to help association leaders achieve maximum return on investment.

No longer is he working on that master’s degree in fine arts, either. But he’s still using the outside-the-box thinking from his artistic background to help customers overcome unique challenges.

“It’s not always one [solution]. You have to find alternatives,” Bryan said. “You have to think outside-the-box.”

And as a father soon expecting his second child, he’s now armed with the hard-earned virtue of patience.

Proud to be at Protech

Bryan’s enjoyed taking these talents and applying them at Protech, and he’s delighted to work in an atmosphere where appreciation and respect flows freely among staff.

“Here, I definitely feel like I’m appreciated and I’m recognized,” Bryan said. “… I’m just super honored to experience what I’ve experienced to this point and gotten the help that I’ve gotten.”

Although it was a long and winding road for Bryan, with some unexpected turns along the way, we’re glad he wound up at Protech, helping lead a world-class customer care team.