Employee Spotlight: Madhu Reddy Modugula, Senior Application Developer

Madhu Reddy Modugula
Meet Madhu Reddy Modugula, the latest employee spotlight at Protech Associates.

By The Protech Team

How does someone who wanted to be a CAD robotics engineer growing up and has a degree in mechanical engineering find himself as a senior application developer at Protech 

For Madhusudhan (Madhu) Reddy Modugula, it started when he received his first computer. He was fascinated by the expanded opportunities it presented for his future. But, it wasn’t until after he got his first job, left his home in South India and headed for Europe that he was exposed to a larger community of IT experts and was able to broaden his IT knowledge. 

After two years honing his skills in Europe, he returned to India to join Magic Software Enterprises, an IT company that would change the course of his life. It was at this company that Madhu heard about an opportunity at Protech from his colleague and current Protech employee, Bhasker MekalaSeizing the opportunity, Madhu moved to the United States to work for Protech in 2001. Since joining Protech, he has seen the company evolve and move from its proprietary association management system (AMS) to today’s Microsoft Dynamics 365-powered system. 

Madhu said, The best part about working for Protech is the work environment. It is very open and friendly and the leadership makes sure everyone feels that they are an integral and important part of the team. 

Madhu’s motto is “enjoy life to the fullest.” So, when he’s not customizing applications or working on software upgrades, he can be found playing basketball or tennis, watching his favorite show, “How it’s Made, on the Discovery Channel or spending quality time with his wife, Padmaja, and their two children, Abhinav and Tanvi. One of their most memorable vacations together was when they visited Disney World in 2015.