Employee Spotlight: The Perron Family

The Perrons
Meet The Perrons, the latest employee(s) spotlight at Protech Associates. A family within our family.

By The Protech Team

Within family-owned Protech, multiple family members working together is not out of the ordinary. The Perrons are just one example of a family within the Protech family—four out of the five family members are Protech staffers. The fifth family member, Jason, also works in the IT field. 

John C. Perron, the eldest son, accepted a position with Protech in 2005 after a friendly argument over a computer he had sold via eBay resulted in a job offer through the purchaser, a Protech employee at the time. During his time at Protech, the computer-prodigy-turned-senior-systems-engineer has designed and implemented systems within the company and for its hosted environments, optimized and automated procedures and solved a lot of DevOps problems. 

John C.’s younger brother Dave, an opportunistic prankster, also has a passion for computers and at 18-years-old joined Protech in 2007—the youngest employee at the time—based on his older brother’s recommendation. Dave has steadily risen through the ranks at Protech, beginning his ascent in client support and now working as a solutions consultant. Dave is now one of Protech’s product leads for MX Online and is responsible for training clients on site during implementations, helping them to develop reports and set up queries. 

John C. also brought his parents, John D. and Angie, into the Protech family. When Protech sought candidates for its new account management department, John C. asked Brian Bruffey, Protech’s CEO, and Kevin Bruffey, Protech’s VP of customer serviceto review his father’s resume. John D. was hired as a senior account manager in January 2008. John D. utilizes his strong management skills by serving as a liaison between Protech and its clients. Last spring, during Protech’s account management department expansion, John D. encouraged his wife, Angie, to also apply. The patience and outgoing nature she acquired from more than two decades of working in the daycare industry made her a perfect candidate for a position as an account manager.   

Away from Protech, John D. and the boys enjoy fishing and—like members of any other Maryland-bred family—crabbing. Angie loves hosting the feast that results from the father-sons outings. She also likes teaming up with her husband to renovate and flip houses. Dave enjoys social activities such as game nights with friends, but he truly savors a chance to catch up on sleep when possible. Last month, the Perrons had a lot to celebrate. Not only did John C. receive Protech’s All-star WOW! Award during Fusion 2014, but Dave also announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Alyssa! Dave is the first of the Perron family to be engaged.  

As the Perrons face normal family challenges and activities, spending time together—on or off the clock—will always be a top priority.