Engage your staff and be rewarded with increased productivity

In the fast-paced world of associations and member-based organizations, your core operating tools must work efficiently.

The marketplace is overflowing with staff productivity apps. Office culture experts would have you believe mentoring programs or casual Fridays are the key to improved staff engagement. Those ideas are all well and good, but an easier answer lies right in front of you.

In the fast-paced world of associations and member-based organizations, your core operating tools must work efficiently. If the staff opens their preferred browser only to be met by complicated Association Management Software, it can be a drain on staff productivity.

That’s why Protech Associates built a system on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create an AMS with staff productivity in mind. Alliance by Protech’s intuitive user interface and automatic synchronization with Outlook emails, calendars, tasks and contacts will save you staff time and energy. That’s time and energy that could be put to better use making meaningful and personalized communications with your members.

But what if your members spend the majority of their time working outside of the office?

A Gallup journal released in 2017 claims at least 43 percent of people occasionally work from home. Perhaps the same could be said for your association. But it should be just as simple to increase productivity for staff outside of the office.

Although there are some distinct advantages to telecommuting, there may be fewer opportunities to engage and put those employees in position for success. That brings us back to your core association tools — which are available to your staff no matter the location of their workstation.

An easy solution to ensuring your entire staff remains productive is to put the right tools in front of them. An AMS to serve as a centralized location for all of your association’s constituent management activities is the place to start.

With a comprehensive AMS in place, you’ll eliminate the data silos that get in the way of your team’s ability to reach peak performance.

What are some other ways to engage with your staff?

  • Go virtual: Gallup suggests engaging through a virtual community. The Protech Users Group is a perfect solution, somewhere your staff member could not only engage with your office, but other associations, too. The PUG is home to a host of discussions about various topics, while also serving as the home for all of your education and training needs.
  • Meet face-to-face: Gallup’s research also suggests the implementation of semi-regular in-person meetings, which could be used to rekindle your staffer’s excitement for the job. Those interactions could come at one of your association’s events. And if you’re looking to improve your event coordination, Protech’s solution offers a comprehensive events module.

Fortunately, in 2018, your AMS is available everywhere, compatible with an array of operating systems and browsers. So there’s no reason your staff should ever feel out of the loop.

If you’re looking for more ways to Empower Your Employees, be sure to learn what Protech’s Association Management Solution has to offer.