How to Boost Year-Round Membership with a Mobile App

Content Pillars are a multi-purpose, multi-benefit tactic to bring in and engage visitors.

Guest Post by Guidebook   

Today, our mobile devices are central to our lives – a tool we use for communication, entertainment, learning and more. Apps make much of this activity possible. More and more, associations are embracing our affinity for apps, using them to put resources and benefits at members’ fingertips.

Why Mobile?

While you may be thinking, why would we need a mobile app? Think about all of the distractions we’re constantly battling. In a world where information is available in an instant, sustaining attention from any audience is no easy feat. Much of that instant information is delivered on mobile – and that’s clear by where we’re spending much of our time now. The average person spends nearly 4 hours a day on their phones, according to emarketer.

With that in mind, mobile apps are a solution for associations looking to increase engagement and better connect communities.

A Mobile Central Member Hub

As associations turn to apps, we’re seeing apps as a way not only to engage but also to share relevant and timely information with their members. In this article we look at a variety of ways associations are using apps to connect and improve the flow of information.

  • Member Handbook. As with all groups, there’s probably a set of rules, regulations, or policies that hold everything together! Upload a digital version of your association’s handbook for easy access. You can make updates at any time.
  • Regional Info. United under one purpose, passion, or goal, your association may span over the world! List your different regional sections and show some pride.
  • Calendar. When’s the next meeting? Provide a calendar of all those meetings and events that groups worked so hard to organize.
  • Push Notifications. Sudden news? Updates? A friendly reminder? You can send push notifications to a user’s phone, even if the app isn’t open.
  • Contact Information. No one likes a wild goose chase when they’re looking for a real human to talk to. Provide relevant contact information for your association’s chapters.
  • Direct Messaging. Efficiently reach your members with the app’s messaging feature! Members can message and communicate with each other via inboxes or post on a social-style feed.
  • Interact. Encourage members to build connections.With interactive chat feeds, you can encourage members to let their personalities shine with text, image, and video updates!

With app building platforms, you can create a mobile guide, downloadable for iOS or Android, that members can reference at any time. You don’t need an IT team or coding experience; mobile app platforms like Guidebook enable you to easily build an app with your branding and content.