Protech Associates Launches LX 365 Business Intelligence

Fueled by Microsoft Power BI, LX turns insight into action, arming your association’s leadership with the business intelligence needed to maximize revenue and make data-driven decisions.

Protech Associates’ suite of Microsoft-based tools for associations is now even bigger and leverages the power of business intelligence and analytics to help drive digital transformation for organizations large and small.

In the first month, seven customers went live with Protech’s turn-key and game-changing business intelligence software — LX 365 fueled by Microsoft Power BI. With LX 365, these associations are infusing the unparalleled functionality of Power BI into their association management software (AMS) at a fraction of the price of the typical business intelligence implementation.

“Fueled by Microsoft Power BI, LX 365 yields tremendous value to our customers’ leadership,” said Kevin Bruffey, President at Protech Associates. “We are delighted with the response to LX 365 and its ability to help our customers uncover hidden insights that drive their organizations forward.”

LX 365 provides association leadership with a clearer picture of what their data is telling them by providing dynamic reports and interactive dashboards. With LX 365, it’s never been easier to measure the results of their programs and establish a healthy baseline across the association—financial, membership, events, education and marketing. LX insights are only a click away, and can be viewed and explored without ever leaving the AMS. LX reports can also be securely published online to members, board members or key stakeholders, giving associations unparalleled access to information.

“LX 365 gives us the ability to easily drag and drop data directly onto a dashboard, and then interact with that data to quickly make intelligent business decisions that positively impact our members,” said Charlotte Hannagan, Senior Membership Database Manager and Data Privacy Officer at the Institute of International Finance (IIF).

Timothy Myers, Chief Business Officer at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), is also eager to have added LX to his association’s toolset.

“In a short time, we realized the strength and potential of the Microsoft Power BI platform, thus making the decision to adopt LX easy for AARC,” Myers said. “The ability for us to access and analyze our member and business-related data within our AMS was an investment in our future that we could not pass by at a time when data is so critical to our strategic plan and operations. The ability of the platform to easily convert data into visual creatives to share with our board and members was also a key factor in our decision.”