Inspire Your Leaders

Driven by the success of commercial organizations and bound by the demands of the board, it’s imperative for association leadership to have the tools and insights necessary to make fast, intelligent decisions. Enter LX 365 — fueled by Power BI.

Business intelligence and analytics never looked so good.

Protech’s LX 365 is a game-changing set of interactive reports and dashboards that help your leadership adapt, adjust, forecast and plan based on the data from your AMS. Leveraging Power BI, LX 365 inspires leaders and staff to make intelligent decisions by giving them access to the most innovative business intelligence solution available to associations.

Without leaving your association management software, LX 365 will help you uncover hidden insights and make data-driven decisions that propel your association into the future. Multiple, configurable reports and dashboards focus on your key data: Membership, Events, Education, Finance and more.

With permission-based sharing, your board, management and staff can even view reports without the need for separate Power BI licenses.