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Why Your Member Retention Efforts Should Focus on Generation X

Lots of membership directors are focused on finding their next generation of members. Instead, consider reconnecting with Generation X.

By Ryan Bruffey – MX Business Development Manager     Many in the association space are fixated on millennials. It’s a generation of young go-getters that just so happens to make up the majority of the U.S. labor force, so there’s good reason for that fixation.  While millennials are likely the future of your association, try not to overlook those who preceded them: the exclusive and... Read More

Why the Future of Association Technology is on the Microsoft Cloud 

The cloud software market is expected to top $230 billion in 2019. Is your association technology in the cloud?

By Robert Berto – Junior Systems Administrator     Cloud computing is not only the wave of the future for associations, it has permeated into virtually all industries in the present. Pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology has become so reliable that associations are opting to ditch their on-premises systems in favor of the security and flexibility of... Read More

Cloud-based Alternatives are Driving the Enterprise Software Market

Has your association considered cloud-based alternatives to your software? It might be time to make a change.

By The Protech Team     You may have heard that Microsoft recently introduced its first gaming console without a disc drive, signaling a shift in the world of console gaming. But the change isn’t just for the kids at home or your gamer pals who have their gaze set on a cloud-based future. A recent... Read More

Is Direct Mail Making a Comeback for Associations?

Looking to try something new? Direct mail could be making a comeback for associations

By Audrey Smilgys – Senior Solution Consultant at Protech     With the ASAE Annual Meeting right around the corner, the American Society of Association Executives turned to some colorful and creative direct mail pieces to generate more attention for the already popular event. Time will tell if it worked, but ASAE’s extra attention to direct... Read More

Annual Meeting Tips: The Perfect Out-of-Office Message

Setting up an out-of-office message for your annual meeting? Here are a few tips to help

By Matt Dickens – LX Product Manager     When annual meeting season rolls around, the out-of-office emails start coming in droves. And once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Maybe this sounds familiar: “I am attending [our annual meeting] in [a city] from [start date] to [end date]. I will return [on this... Read More

AMS Selection: What Not to Do

Need help finding your next association management software? Here's what not to do.

By Charlie Sapienza, Business Development Manager     As the Protech team prepares for two more AMS Fests in 2019, I started thinking about how the association management software selection process has changed. With the proliferation of review sites and association conferences, the AMS selection process looks a lot different than it did even a few... Read More

3 Key Takeaways from Microsoft’s 2019 Finance Trends Report

Are you a finance pro who has taken on a larger role at your association? Here's what you can learn from Microsoft's 2019 Finance Trends Report.

By The Protech Team     Chief financial officers have more influence than ever at associations. Don’t believe us? Here’s what Associations Now’s Contributing Editor Mark Athitakis wrote in 2018: “CFOs don’t just get to be CFOs anymore. Increasingly, they’re being called up on to take on the leadership roles that have long tended to stay in the... Read More

3 Ways to Maintain AMS Software Knowledge During Staff Turnover

It isn't easy to maintain AMS software knowledge through staff turnover. Try these three tactics to your association on track when teammates leave

By Thom Herne – Relationship Manager     Losing a long-time staff member, whether it be to retirement, resignation or personal reasons, can be a big blow to any association. Few people understand your core processes and, more importantly, your members better than your longest-tenured teammates. Fortunately, proper planning can help an association overcome these inevitable... Read More

[Webinar Recap] 3 Key Takeaways for New Software Onboarding

Join Protech Solution Consultant Amanda Parks and Sr. Solution Consultant Audrey Smilgys as they outline the steps to ensure staff adoption of your next software purchase. The recording will be available soon

By The Protech Team     It’s hard to find new software for your organization. It’s even harder to find software solutions your staff will actually use. Why? Because people are resistant to change, and learning something new is never easy. On top of that, only 32 percent of Americans are still engaged while at work,... Read More

How to Get the Most from Your AMS to Grow Your Membership

Need to grow your membership? Start with your AMS

By The Protech Team     An association management software (AMS) implementation is a huge win for your staff. It requires collaboration, communication and patience, and it can be a real team-building experience for your employees. But successfully going live with a new AMS is a fruitless effort if the software’s not helping to grow your... Read More