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How to Make Your Next Member Survey a Success

Preparing your association's next member survey? Here are a few tips to follow.

“What are the members thinking?” This is a question that should be top-of-mind for any association executive. If it’s been a while since your association got any feedback — especially negative feedback — it might be time to send out another member survey. Why? When a trade or professional association only hears feedback from happy... Read More

3 Shockingly Easy Association Website Design Tips

Association website design has an impact on the member experience. When was the last time you seriously looked at your layout?

Let’s face it: some association websites stink. Maybe they haven’t been given enough attention and love, or maybe association members just aren’t the type to care too much about graphic design. But those excuses aren’t going to cut it in an increasingly digital world. The following association website design tips are intended to help those... Read More

Engaging Members: 6 [More] Simple Tips to Keep Members Happy

Struggling to find your footing engaging members? Try these 6 easy suggestions

We took a stab at this once before, and we figured we’d give it another go. When it comes to engaging members, how could it be easier? The following six tips are aimed at keeping members happy, getting them to renew membership faster and making your association a core element of their daily lives. Check... Read More

What to Look for in an Association Technology Solutions Partner

Looking for the right association technology solutions? Start by finding a partner you can trust

Sometimes, all you need is a push. A helping hand. A guide. Someone to help you achieve more. That’s definitely true when it comes to association technology solutions. Not just association technology solutions, really, but it’s true with tech in general. We’ve all tried to learn something new (remember the first time you logged online?),... Read More

The Top 10 Protech Blogs of 2018

The Top 10 Protech Blogs of 2018

The Protech blog — Association Answers — reached new heights in 2018. We reached the 75 post milestone, and are on track to approach 200 by the end of 2019. Which Protech blogs did you like the most? Here they are: the most read Protech blogs in 2018. The Top 10 Most Read Protech Blogs... Read More

Considering New Technology? Try Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Time for Change

It’s so easy to get comfortable. To fall victim to routine. And if you’ve been at the same association for five years or more, that routine is doing everything in its power to keep you from innovating. Member engagement. Financials. Marketing. Your annual event. They could all be going stale before your very eyes, but... Read More

Building a Better Member Experience

Looking to build and maintain a strong member experience? Here are four steps to get you started.

When your members can be found all over your state, country or the world, it’s difficult to maintain a strong member experience. Your members located at the furthest reaches of your network are like that one friend from college who moved across the country — never to be seen again. Sure, you can send them... Read More

Announcement: Protech’s Free Member Engagement Guide is Now Available

Association Experts Share the Hidden Truths to Member Engagement

If it works for one association, it might work for you. That was in the back of our minds as we reached out to six associations to find out their member engagement secrets and successes. Protech Associates, the first and leading provider of cloud-based association management software powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, is proud to... Read More

Leaning Into the Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The digital world is a place some of your members have yet to enter; where some of your staff won’t dare to go. But your organization can’t afford to avoid a digital transformation altogether just because some among your trade or professional association aren’t ready for change. Why can’t you wait any longer to enter... Read More