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4 Awesome Member Appreciation Strategies to Boost Renewal Rates

Member appreciation leads to member retention. Follow these 4 awesome strategies to keep members happy and boost renewal rates

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, we’ve all experienced a lack of appreciation in our lives. Whether it’s from your association, employer, friends, family or something/someone else that’s important to you, it’s not a fantastic feeling. Remember how you felt when you weren’t being appreciated for your effort, work or contributions?... Read More

10 Secrets to an Amazing ASAE Tech Conference Experience

Will you be at the 2018 ASAE Tech Conference? Here are 10 secrets to make it an event to remember

Don’t just go to the ASAE Tech Conference. Experience it. The ASAE Technology Conference & Expo comes but once a year. Rather than trying to sit back and absorb all of the information flying by you, take charge of your experience. By following these 10 steps, you’ll leave the ASAE Tech Conference with no regrets.... Read More

How to Engage Members: 6 Simple Steps

How to Engage Members - 6 Simple Tips

So you want to know how to engage members? But not just how. How to do it easily. Let’s face it, easy is often looked down upon. But who cares? If it works, it works. This short guide will arm you with 6 easy tips for member engagement. Six ways to connect with members on... Read More

[Webinar] Change Management: Why Your Employees Aren’t ‘Buying’ It

Join Diana Glance, Protech’s Manager of Education, and Bryan Goldman, Protech’s Customer Service Manager, as they help answer that question and more. This webinar will give you the knowledge you need to navigate change through proper training.

Change is coming. Or, it might have already arrived. But when it comes to change management, many association leaders find themselves asking the same question: “Why isn’t our staff ‘buying’ in?” In this Protech Power Hour, our very own Manager of Education Diana Glance and Customer Service Manager Bryan Goldman will answer that question and... Read More

7 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Awesome AMS

Lucky you! You have the top association management software around!

We have bad news. Only two-fifths of the people reading this blog post actually have a reason to be thankful for finding their top association management software choice. That’s according to a report from AssociationTRENDS and ReviewMyAMS about the state of AMS (It’s worth a read. Check it out here). According to that report, only... Read More

Association Leaders: What Are You Afraid Of?

Association Leaders

Let’s face it… We all have fears. In the back of your mind, perhaps there’s something about your association that’s making you fret. We’ve all been there. Maybe not in your specific position, but we’ve all faced a nagging and persistent challenge at our jobs. Maybe you’re losing sleep about: Losing members Considering a risky... Read More

Does Your Association Even Need an Online Community?

Online Community

The short answer to that headline? No. Your association really only needs one thing: members. But it’s a question worth considering. And one you’ll surely encounter at some point. That said, an online community is a perk — a great one. But smaller associations can’t always afford all the bells and whistles. And for the... Read More

Really… How Much Does Association Management Software Cost?

Association Management Software Cost

Whether you’re new to the association universe or not, you might know the sticker price of your membership software. But what does your association management software cost — how does it truly impact your association? That’s a different question entirely. Price and cost. There’s an important distinction between the two. Especially when it comes to... Read More

Employee Engagement: An Association Executive’s Guide

Have an employee engagement problem at your association?

In the association world, there’s so much talk about member engagement. And rightfully so. One topic that’s not so regularly discussed? Employee engagement. Association staffers aren’t your typical corporate employees, as you most certainly know. These are people driven by a purpose. By your association’s mission. Folks who took the job to serve a cause.... Read More

3 Reasons We Love the Higher Logic Super Forum

It’s a busy time of year for association leaders. Between AMS Fest, the Higher Logic Super Forum and the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo, association executives have plenty to attend. We’ll be at all three in 2019, but maybe you’re only attending one. That’s OK! You couldn’t go wrong with any of the three, really.... Read More