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Results Matter: 5 Association Software Success Stories

Results Matter. How has your association software helped you reach new heights?

We all measure success differently. Associations do, too. What works for an organization in the health care industry might not for an association of attorneys. So how do you find the right association software to help you reach new heights? You ask the people who’ve already used it. First, ask yourself, what are you looking... Read More

Looking to improve member services? Follow your members

Finally relishing the never-ending search for new members? Start by improving member services for current ones

The hunt for new members never ends. Same goes for the fight to increase membership renewals. So you’re constantly working to improve member services. But are those new services what your members really want? The things they’ll mention to non-members when asking them to join? One of our Protech Associates teammates recently asked the following:... Read More

Is this the CRM platform of the future?

What's the CRM platform of the future?

How has one tech company — one that virtually everyone knows — been able to keep its steady CRM platform innovations under the radar? Good question. The CRM Platform of the Future We’re talking about Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM platform upon which the Alliance by Protech association management software is built. And... Read More

1 Critical Detail Which Must Be on Your Event Planning Checklist

What's on your event planning checklist?

There’s no secret trick to hosting the perfect annual event without a hitch. But there’s one key detail on your event planning checklist which can’t be overlooked. That detail? Don’t neglect the registration process. Event Planning Checklist Priority #1 Let’s start with a couple interesting facts: In 2017, air travel was 89 percent more affordable... Read More

3 Secrets for the Perfect Association Management Software Implementation

Considering your next association management software implementation?

The hard part is over… or so you thought. After wading through the seemingly endless selection of association management software vendors, you’ve found your ideal system. Unfortunately, that’s only half the battle. No one ever wants to put their association through a software implementation project. That much is certain. But the trick is, it’s often... Read More

Clean Data is Useful Data: A Data Hygiene Guide

Is your association practicing good data hygiene?

Data can be a blessing and a curse. It’s usually the former, allowing your association to make data-driven decisions that raise revenue and boost membership. If you have poor data hygiene, however, forget it. You know the old phrase, “I know it when I see it?” Well, the same goes for bad data. But you... Read More

Worried About Your Association’s Database Security?

“Is our data safe?” You shouldn’t have to ask. But any association executive worth their salt ponders that question now and again. That said, 2018’s been a banner year for database security. In came the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. So did the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, which goes into effect in... Read More

7 Thoughts from the 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo

Who could pass up a chance to rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in the association world? That’s why we took the Protech Associates crew to Chicago to enjoy another great ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo. Now that we’ve all caught our breath, the Protech team was eager to share our insights from... Read More

Why Your Membership Growth Strategy Must Feature Content Marketing

You’re looking for new members. We can say that with near certainty — because who isn’t? But more than ever, a simple growth strategy isn’t going to cut it. Opportunities to grow your membership are getting harder and harder. Why the heightened degree of difficulty? Everyone wants free stuff. Free advice, free information, free anything.... Read More

Why Visit the Protech Booth at an ASAE Annual Meeting

Every ASAE Annual Meeting is a blast. But your expo hall experience? It’ll be just that: an experience. You’ll have people tugging at the shirtsleeves of your association-branded polo from all corners. So head in with a mission. Put your head down and find your way to the booths that are actually worth your time.... Read More