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3 Things Association Pros Can Learn from Microsoft Ignite

What can your association learn from Microsoft Ignite 2018?

Are you the resident IT expert at your association? You may have heard 2018’s Microsoft Ignite keynote from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. But there are broader lessons all association professionals can learn from Nadella’s speech. So if your association is trying to ignite your future membership growth, you might want to start reassessing your tech.... Read More

Are You Prepared for the Perfect Annual Meeting?

Planning the next annual meeting or conference for your association? Here's why you should start the planning process as soon as possible

Your annual meeting is approaching. You know the feeling. That sense of unavoidable dread and excitement settles in as if a tornado’s advancing on your association HQ. Everyone’s hunkered down, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. And more often than not, just like that, it’s over. Sure, there were a few scares... Read More

10 Blog Ideas for Your Association

There are plenty of reasons for your association to start a blog. But how do you find the blog ideas to fill it? Try these 10 to get started

There are lots of reasons for your association to blog. And there are far fewer ways to measure your blog’s success (and even fewer blog ideas). That may be why so many associations go without one. But that doesn’t mean your association should avoid blogging altogether. So before we give you 10 blog ideas to... Read More

Is Your Association Website Getting the Job Done?

Is your association website helping or harming your member engagement and recruitment?

Change is hard. Especially when it comes to your website. You like what you know, and hey, it’s gotten you this far. But association website design can’t be left on the back-burner. Here’s a quick fact: 38 percent of people will stop engaging with your website if it’s unattractive. 38 percent! That means your prospective... Read More

Shaking Away the Software Update Blues

Worried about your next software update? Updates and upgrades are no longer the massive undertaking they once were

The time has come. Your association can no longer delay the inevitable. You know you need to bite the bullet with a software update, but a recent experience with one of your systems was so painful that you don’t even want to consider an upgrade. That makes sense. And we’ve all been there. Raise your... Read More

How to Keep Your Member Engagement from Dropping

No amount of planning could prepare you for this. You noticed a dip in your member engagement, and it’s on you to right the ship. So before an anomaly turns into a problem and you’re the lucky messenger your board gets to shoot, what can you do to revive your floundering member engagement? A lot,... Read More

Results Matter: 5 Association Software Success Stories

Results Matter. How has your association software helped you reach new heights?

We all measure success differently. Associations do, too. What works for an organization in the health care industry might not for an association of attorneys. So how do you find the right association software to help you reach new heights? You ask the people who’ve already used it. First, ask yourself, what are you looking... Read More

Looking to improve member services? Follow your members

Finally relishing the never-ending search for new members? Start by improving member services for current ones

The hunt for new members never ends. Same goes for the fight to increase membership renewals. So you’re constantly working to improve member services. But are those new services what your members really want? The things they’ll mention to non-members when asking them to join? One of our Protech Associates teammates recently asked the following:... Read More

Is this the CRM platform of the future?

What's the CRM platform of the future?

How has one tech company — one that virtually everyone knows — been able to keep its steady CRM platform innovations under the radar? Good question. The CRM Platform of the Future We’re talking about Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM platform upon which the Alliance by Protech association management software is built. And... Read More