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Prioritizing Partnership

Prioritizing Partnership

Looking to maximize the value of your AMS — truly make it shine? You won’t want to go in alone. The Association Management Software journey is daunting, and the search could give you a headache just thinking about it. That’s why the best AMS partners stick with you beyond selection and implementation — turning customers... Read More

Are more GDPR-like regulations on their way?

UPDATE: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 has been signed into law since this blog post was published. It will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. General Data Protection Regulation Day has come and gone, as have the flurry of GDPR-compliance emails that flooded our inboxes prior to May 25, 2018. Software companies have fielded... Read More

Make the most of your AMS

Association Management Software can be jam-packed with features… Features aimed to make any member-based organization’s staff among the most productive workplaces around. But if you’re a system power user, being one of the most productive associations isn’t enough. One of Protech Associates’ strongest features is something most won’t encounter until the association management software selection... Read More

Engage your staff and be rewarded with increased productivity

The marketplace is overflowing with staff productivity apps. Office culture experts would have you believe mentoring programs or casual Fridays are the key to improved staff engagement. Those ideas are all well and good, but an easier answer lies right in front of you. In the fast-paced world of associations and member-based organizations, your core... Read More

A platform that can’t be matched

Alliance by Protech AMS Platform

  The dizzying array of AMS solutions has your head spinning. We get it. But before you’ve spun yourself in circles trying to find your perfect solution, consider why Microsoft-fueled AMS beats the rest. It’s easy to yammer on about Microsoft’s mind-blowing research and development investments or its years as an industry innovator — but... Read More

Why Microsoft’s advancements in AI make it the AMS foundation of the future

For decades, artificial intelligence has captured the imagination of top tech minds, leading many of us to wonder how it’s going to change every industry. As the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) laid out in December, AI can be a “disruptive and positive change,” and Microsoft recently featured its vision for the future of... Read More

Trust: Protech’s time-honored tradition

Years before the AMS space could accelerate, oversaturate and consolidate, Protech was there. And from the beginning, our family company has committed to our client partners in a way most AMS vendors can’t. So what does 30-plus years in the industry mean for you? Everything we do at Protech Associates is founded in our reputation... Read More

Embracing the PUG: Make the Most of your Member Experience

If you’ve come across a question regarding your Association Management System, chances are you’re not the first. So you scour the internet, hunting for an answer amid dozens of web searches. But you’re out of luck. Across town, a staff member at another association has a similar question. But this staffer didn’t waste any time... Read More

Protech seeks next Marketing Director

Our top-of-the-line Association Management Solution can only thrive if we put it in the hands of those who’ll use it. That’s why Protech Associates, based in Columbia, Maryland, is looking for an ace Marketing Director who will help our sales team put our solution into the hands of even more associations. We’re looking for a... Read More

Partners you can trust

Protech - A Microsoft Gold Partner

May 7th was a proud day to be a Microsoft partner. We built our Association Management System on Microsoft’s platform for a variety of reasons — many revolving around its function-rich CRM. But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s commitment to privacy and trust yet again validated our partnership. At Microsoft Build 2018, Nadella mentioned what might... Read More