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Browser Bytes: A Visual Learner’s Paradise

It’s 4:57 p.m. and you’re feeling like a rock star after an awesome day at the office. But you’re not the type to call it quits a few minutes early after such a great day. Enter Browser Bytes. In fewer than three minutes, a Protech Associates team member will have walked you through a pre-recorded... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Beth Lilienstein, MX Product Manager

We all left Fusion 2018 singing Beth Lilienstein’s praises. But who are we kidding? Someone around the Protech office is always singing a jolly tune about Beth. Here at Protech Associates, Beth’s known for shaping MX Online for members, designing a seamless experience which can be configured for any association. Along with her awesome work... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Dan Dotter, Account Executive

Dan Dotter - Employee Spotlight

Since this is our Winter Edition, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Dan Dotter, one of Protech’s Account Executives (and part time National Ski Patrol First Responder). We are so inspired by the journey that brought him to our team. It wasn’t until his senior year of college when he discovered... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Interview with Laura Bruffey

Baltimore Running Festival

Our tagline “Automating Goodness” is not just a marketing piece, it is a way of life here at Protech. The city of Baltimore held its annual Running Festival on Saturday, October 21st, and our own Laura Bruffey was a participant in that run. Laura was Bib #295 and ran the full 26-mile marathon, clocking in... Read More

The Calm within the Storm

Over the last few months, there has been significant buzz (and more than a bit of drama) in our industry about the consolidation of vendors, the potential investment that could trickle down to AMS solutions, and what that might mean for the association space. A lot of people are making a lot of money just... Read More

A Word about Automating Goodness

Last week several members or our team attended the Microsoft Inspire partner conference here in Washington, DC. First, it was quite a thing to attend this world-class program along with seventeen THOUSAND of our fellow partners from across the globe. At the closing Keynote, Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer for Microsoft, advised us to “be... Read More