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6 reasons the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform beats the rest

Your Association Management Software (AMS) search isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon, one littered with hurdles along the way. And as soon as your association hears the starting gun, you won’t be off to the races long once you’ve come across the first major obstacle. It’s a simple question, but one you won’t want to... Read More

5 steps to becoming a great association leader

Follow these 5 steps and become and expert in association leadership

Leadership isn’t easy. You’re either sharing the praise or taking all of the heat, a position many of your staff don’t envy. Still, embracing an association leadership role is rewarding (that’s why you’re reading this!). Not only do your leadership decisions impact staff, but hundreds or thousands of members. So how do you become an... Read More

The top tech trend associations must avoid

Near-term functionality is important. But so is long-term durability.

Everyone wants the shiny, new product on the market. We don’t blame them. That’s OK when you’re buying your next phone or personal tablet. But for the kind of major investments associations encounter? Short-term functionality of the product is only half of the battle. Plenty of people have bought into throwaway culture — picking the... Read More

4 features you don’t want from an AMS

Take a moment to scroll through your favorite AMS review site. Pay close attention to those bad reviews — the ones you’ll want to scrutinize before you take the massive leap into your next AMS. A few common themes will appear, so let those be your guide. The easiest way to find your next Association... Read More

Staff isn’t embracing technology? These 3 tips will help them come around

It’s hard to understand why that one pesky staffer refuses to embrace your association’s technological advancements. But there are a few simple ways to make staff feel comfortable with changes as they happen.

It’s hard to understand why that one pesky staffer refuses to embrace your association’s technological advancements. But there are a few simple ways to make staff feel comfortable with changes as they happen. Maybe your staffer isn’t ready to adapt. Maybe they feel held back by the new technology — finding its flaws but unable... Read More

Get acquainted with the Protech Marketplace

The Association Management Software (AMS) selection process was a grind, but it was worth it. Your association found a system rich with features out of the box built on the familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Now that selection is behind you, maybe you don’t want your association’s next AMS-related decision to be as much of... Read More

3 Tips to Easily Engage Members

If you’ve already found your Association Management Software, engaging with your members should be easy. But like most things in life, member engagement is easier said than done. Lots of associations have turned to storytelling and content creation to spread their message — and for good reason. It’s engaging for current members and helps prospective... Read More

Prioritizing Partnership

Prioritizing Partnership

Looking to maximize the value of your AMS — truly make it shine? You won’t want to go in alone. The Association Management Software journey is daunting, and the search could give you a headache just thinking about it. That’s why the best AMS partners stick with you beyond selection and implementation — turning customers... Read More

Are more GDPR-like regulations on their way?

UPDATE: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 has been signed into law since this blog post was published. It will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. General Data Protection Regulation Day has come and gone, as have the flurry of GDPR-compliance emails that flooded our inboxes prior to May 25, 2018. Software companies have fielded... Read More

Make the most of your AMS

Association Management Software can be jam-packed with features… Features aimed to make any member-based organization’s staff among the most productive workplaces around. But if you’re a system power user, being one of the most productive associations isn’t enough. One of Protech Associates’ strongest features is something most won’t encounter until the association management software selection... Read More