Webinar: Expand Non-dues Revenue Streams with SEO Content Pillars

The past few months have challenged associations to find creative ways to keep engagement strong in all their revenue channels. As in-person events and connections have shifted online, it’s imperative to continue connecting and providing value to members, prospective members, donors and the association community.

Content Pillars are a strategic SEO tactic that can help you maintain and increase those essential connections. These content- and keyword-dense website pages amplify the SEO gravity of your site, increasing organic traffic. They provide site visitors with the rich, engaging, relevant information they are seeking—while adding conversion and connection points.

In this informative webinar, Refactored Marketing Strategist Rob Bean will explain:

· When Content Pillars are the right choice
· How to align them with revenue-driven projects
· The components of Content Pillars
· How they impact search results in your favor
· The steps for creating them
· How to leverage existing content

In addition, he’ll share a case study detailing a major content pillar project that will give you a sense of how this practical, cost-efficient technique can be used effectively.

Join us and learn how Content Pillars can help you address multiple marketing goals—for a fraction of the time and expense of many other initiatives.