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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Boykin, Director of Marketing

Jennifer BoykinEvery innovative company needs an outstanding marketing department, and Protech Associates is no exception. Jennifer Boykin is Protech’s Director of Marketing and is responsible for making sure associations know that we’re here to help them Automate Goodness and make their membership dreams a reality.

Jennifer has worked with many associations, helping them achieve their goals. “I’ve devoted the last 30-plus years to the craft of strategy and persuasion. I’ve spent most of this time either working for associations or serving them in some capacity. Of course there was also my “highly skilled unpaid laborer job, also known as “Mom,” she says.

Jennifer didn’t start out in life wanting to work for associations or be a marketing guru however. She wanted to be a musician. “I spent the first year of college on a music performance scholarship, and, while I love the arts, I found that spending all day making music was just too boring for me. After that, I had to finish school in the three years that remained. While I really wanted to do advertising, I couldn’t afford to stay in school any longer. Marketing was the next best thing and got me out in three years.”

When it came time to look for employment after college, she found herself looking for work in a recession period. However, that didn’t stop her when many others were failing to do the same.

She says, “I used the LEAST strategic method possible. I borrowed a hundred bucks from my mom, bought two dresses and a pair of shoes, and went to every receptionist in Tyson’s Corner and said something like, “My name is Jennifer Boykin and I just graduated first in my class from West Virginia University with a degree in Marketing. Are you hiring?” Three weeks later, in the height of a recession, I had a job with an IBM subsidiary which later led to my work with [Protech].”

Time jump to January of 2017 and Protech needed a new Marketing Director. They asked Jennifer to fill the role. So why did she choose to accept Protech’s offer? She states, “I met and admired the Bruffey family. I’m a natural leader, but I don’t mind following as long as the people in front of me know what they are doing. My position at Protech allows me to contribute deeply and meaningfully and I know that my work makes a difference.”

Of course, Jennifer is not all work. She likes to spend money on her kids and take vacations with her husband Mike (a.k.a “Mr. Delicious”). For her future vacation plans she says, “We love to go on cruises. I also want to get back to Europe soon. Mr. Delicious is Italian, so there is that.”