How to Master AMS Selection from Your Home Office

How to Master AMS Selection from Your Home Office [On-demand Webinar]

Nothing in 2020 has happened the way it has in previous years, and that’s especially true for those instances where a face-to-face meeting made the difference in a major decision. For those of you who are hunting for your next association management system, you may feel the impact of virtual events more than others. AMS selection has always been a difficult decision, and it can feel like you need to put on your investigator’s cap in order to get real answers from vendors regarding pricing and integrations.

So, how do you get the answers you’re looking for without the ability to attend in-person demos or corner a salesperson to get the low-down on their AMS or other association technology solution?

Luckily, events like AMS Fest have already taken place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are many lessons to be learned about shopping for enterprise software in the virtual world. We invited ReviewMyAMS’ Teri Carden to join Protech’s VP of Project Services Terry Brown to reveal how you can perfect the AMS selection process without ever leaving your living room.