Using Data to Prove Membership ROI

Using Data to Prove Membership ROI

Show your members what they are getting for their association membership with an ROI dashboard. Learn how several associations combined data from their AMS, eCommerce, Learning Management System, business intelligence and other platforms to provide members with a Return on Investment Dashboard, and enhance your understanding of data analytics.

Session attendees will learn:

• What big data is
• Why your organization should use big data
• Why your organization should use data visualizations
• How to use data to prove membership ROI

About the Presenter:

Dr. Jon Aleckson is an educational leader and consultant in association learning technologies and eLearning. He works with an extensive list of association clients on LMS implementation and development, platform alignment and integration, and online curriculum development, giving him a holistic view of business models, operational practices, and educational approaches in association eLearning.