Engage Your Members

Solution Benefits

We’ve been here a while. Our founder, Frank Jr., started Protech with six kids and a hundred bucks well over thirty years ago. Some of the new kids on the block want to use that against us – one even tries to make it a bad thing that we were “here before the Internet.”

Our customers aren’t fooled by that. They know that experience counts.

Engage Your Members

While our competitors have come and gone over the years, we’re still around, serving our core customers with fierce loyalty and devotion. We are a stabilizing presence in the otherwise-volatile AMS space. Here’s one small fact: our average employee has been with us for more than 10 years!!! That’s a good thing, people!

Anyway, we’ve seen a LOT. But we’ve never seen THIS – a breathtakingly fierce competition for your member’s time, attention, and resources. You’ve got a lot of challenges to overcome if you’re going to stay relevant and STRONG in the coming years. Here’s how we can help: We provide a feature-rich solution that was built with one thing in mind: member acquisition and retention.

We’re going to help you WOW your members. Consider:

360º Member Lifecycle Management tools help you strategize across the entire membership experience.

Member Self-Service & e-commerce Resources give your members an exceptional, personalized user experience.

Intuitive Member Communications allow you to customize and personalize your member’s experience.

Professional Development tools help your members grow and stay on top of changes in your industry.

An All-Inclusive Solution with tools for event management, professional development, committee management, chapter relations, relationship management, financial management, fundraising, training, certificates, social media integration, mobile responsiveness, payment processing, and a whole lot more.